Everything for KinoKlaster

2007—2013—April 2016—June 2017 @ Saint Petersburg



An old friend of mine started this project long ago, in 2007. Back then I made the very first version. Due to unforeseen circumstances we abandoned this project and returned back to it a few years ago.

In 2013 we made the second version of it and we had a break to see if anything there should be different somehow. In the following couple of years we re-thought every bit of it and went back to the UX process and finally, after some time of designing it, I developed the final version, supervised the branding process, and the open beta is ready.

The logotype was created by the amazing Dmitry Philippov. I took part in this process as an art director. Along with the team we chose one from a few variants, found the right font and made some nice final adjustments.


2013 Edition


Prototypes & goal-driven design as the masonry

I tried to step back, take a look at what information I had got and made a prototype. The live version is still at AxShare.

It wasn't extremely helpful, yet finally I gained precious knowledge of what's next — we, the team, had to cut all the functionality down to the MVP version, so I started to explore and understand users' needs, find them goals, and map all the ways that will help them achieve their goals.

Regarding the masonry: I launched Flying Logic Pro and with Elyahu Goldratt's theory of constraints in mind I was able to compile schemes like the one below, find and understand the required functionality, and start working on the UI.


Final design in its full glory


With Movie references everywhere


Search results


A bunch of personal settings


And a brief look at an account dashboard