Christmas Card for Deasign

Brainstorming →  Lots of fun  →  Final product


Every year Swedish agency called Deasign celebrates holiday season with funny and amusing digital cards. In 2015 they also decided to mark their 5th anniversary of presence at the Russian digital realm.

We've gathered project team, and after a brief brainstorming meeting we've came up with an idea of giving New Year presents over the internet — a downloadable stuff that people can turn into something real.

Upon taking a quick test, everyone finds their Swedish substance, download it, assemble using scissors and clue, and finally decorate a working space, a colleague, or a favourite pet with it.


Aerial View


Get yours

Unfortunately, since the page has been closed, it is not possible to take test. But all the PDFs are available here now. 
Each file contains three options: plain white figure, greyscale one, and full-coloured.


Project team

Me: art-direction, final layout, PDFs
Dima Vinogradoph: 3D-models, Pepakura magic

Alex Under: fonts and icons
Natalia Balaeva & Ilia Slonski: copy writing

Anna Tikhonova: front-end development
Nadezhda Zubova: project management