Chupa Chups 25th Anniversary

Style ideas → Design concept → 90's fun → SMM → Final product


In 2015, Chupa Chups was celebrating their presence on the Russian market. At Deasign, we brainstormed a lot of ideas, chose a few and discussed with Perfetti Van Melle.

Eventually we all figured out, that launching an online party, styled as if it were 90s, because we all love 90s, is the best idea to go along with the brand vibe and everything.

The client provided us with the official branding — that big logotype, and with that in my hands I created this bright and colourful appealing design for all stages of the campaign.


stage I  •  Creating the Awareness


Campaign Video


Stage II  •  The party


Stage II  •  On Air


Stage II  •  Chat Window


Mobile site


Social Media marketing