Art direction and design team management for BANKEX

June 2017—February 2019 @ Saint Petersburg + Moscow



BANKEX invited me in the summer of 2017 to create a landing page for their pre-ICO stage. Our friendship ended up with the design department that I built in Saint Petersburg. I hired 15 amazing designers and a front-end developer to help move the company forward.

I organised the design processes with all the tasks being planned week ahead, so we wouldn’t experience no delays nor idle downtimes. In short, to achieve that, I demanded from every department that all the tasks should be prepared by the end of the week. Product designers were working in an agile/scrum environment entirely with their teams, while graphic designers and illustrators were on our weekly planning.

Under my supervision we completely re-imagined what a blockchain company should look like at its matured stage of development. My goal was to outrun the competitors with the unconventional design approach, which we successfully achieved.


The brand & The system

Ilya Muravyev
Alena Lisenkina
Vil Akhunzyanov

I’ve created the initial logotype, which then went through a number of iterations and facelifts, and became the symbol of the company. It bears the sky-blue color, the resemblance with the Chinese coins and the trigram “Heaven“ — 乾 Qián — from the ancient book “I Ching”. Later, we’ve collected and formalised the rules of use, the colour scheme and typography in an official brandbook.


A platform of various crypto-services, which could be used solely, required a clear system of product logotypes. We’ve created an umbrella brand based on the company’s logo.


by Alena Lisenkina


Corporate website

Ilya Muravyev
Alena Lisenkina
Dmitry Efanov
Mikhail Matyash

Nik Shevchenko

Artem Larionov

From the very beginning of my work for the company I’ve been personally responsible for the corporate front display, handling the design processes and the development. The website, as well as the logotype, went through a series of alterations, depending on the company’s needs at a corresponding moment of time.

While combining the role of a product owner at this project I set up sprints for every stage of development. not being a scrum addict I decided that sprints should be of any length, based on the amount of tasks, which led us to the logical completions on every iteration.


Version 2.0


Version 3.0

Current version depicts the stage of a matured startup business aiming to appeal to the venture world and private investors offering a range of services.


Presentations & One-pagers

Ilya Muravyev
Vil Akhunzyanov
Evgeny Goncharov
Mikhail Matyash
Nik Shilov
Dasha Borisoglebskaya (Moscow)

For the purposes of attracting investments at first, and telling about the completed and upcoming services and products later, we made a vast amount of different presentations along with the marketing and sales teams from Moscow, New York and Seoul.


Deck Presentation • September 2017


UN Presentation • Summer 2018

A presentation of a charity project for African country, showed at the UN Headquarters. Designed by Nik Shilov.


One-pager • Autumn & Winter 2018

One of the latest ones, made for the Japanese prospective clients. Designed to present all the achievements and the necessary information of the company on a single page.


Deck Presentation • Autumn & Winter 2018

A few slides from the latest deck presentation. Designed by me and Vil Akhunzyanov.


Graphic design, SMM & ILLUSTRATIONS

Ilya Muravyev
Alena Lisenkina
Vil Akhunzyanov
Anna Zhukova
Dmitry Efanov
Kate Lunina (Moscow)
Dasha Borisoglebskaya (Moscow)

Graphic design in BANKEX was developing slowly at first, starting from the very common images of neural/decentralised networks and abstract futuristic technological backgrounds that each and every blockchain startup adopts as their imagery. This was done intentionally in the beginning to let people instantly recognise the company as being crypto-oriented.

Afterwards we decided to make a turn and switch to quite an uncommon approach using modern illustrations and abstract geometric language to standout from the crowd of similar startups.


Social Media Imagery



2019 was designed by Alena Lisenkina, 2018 — by me, with the help of Evgeny Goncharov and Andrey Ganin as a pre-press guru


Leaflets, business cards and event kiosks

Most of it were designed by Alena Lisenkina, Vil Akhunzyanov and Dmitry Efanov. Together we’ve developed the geometric and abstract visual language for the large mediums.


Chinese calendar animals

These illustrations were made by the amazing Kate Luneva to be printed on T-shirts and sent out as a part of the corporate gifts for the Chinese customers. Each animal represents the role assigned by the Chinese horoscope.