Promo Campaign for Choco Balls

Sketches → Illustrations → Characters → Design → Final product + E-Mail marketing + SMM


Back in 2014, sister brand of Chupa Chups — Chocoballs, decided to go online for the very first time and launch a digital campaign aiming at increasing product awareness.

Deasign team offered client a nice and clear solution — a contest with simple mechanics based on collecting the figurines. Thus, the target audience were young mothers and their toddlers.

The TA was new to me, yet having the colourful story about the toys in mind I nailed it. I developed the main characters, created appealing bright graphics, and comic-like stories.


First drafts


Closer look at the final design


E-Mail marketing & SMM


Video case & Results

This is the story of the first digital campaign of Choco Balls, and how moms and kids helped Sharlock the detective defeat the villain.

Chupa Chups Choco Balls were growing year by year all over Russia and CIS, but never did anything in digital. 

Our goals were: 1) promote Chocoballs to current and potential consumers, 2) test digital channels efficiency for the audience of moms and kids, 3) stimulate sales (without on-package claims or unique promocodes). Moms are buying, but kids are asking. We had to find a concept aimed to both audiences: moms (25–45) and kids (4–9). 

So we created a vivid campaign with bold antagonistic characters, fairytale story, digestible for kids, and a simple mechanics with very strong connection to sales: 1) collect toys 2) upload photos of each of them 3) win). 2 prizes were given every day and 1 superprize in the end (a trip to Paris Disneyland). Bigger collections gave better chances to win, but everyone had a chance .

214 866

visitors at the promoting site

15 011

 uploaded photos

11 789


Strong positive sales trend compared to the same period in 2014, supported by the same amount of TV ads, but no digital activities.